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Acne Clearing Program

Professional skin treatments to reveal clear, healthy skin.


The Program

Allow me to customize your acne treatment and home care to your skins needs. Treating acne is not a one facial fix, this requires bi-weekly appointments, that includes peel to calming and hydrating the skin.


This strategy includes a tailored to you at-home regimen designed for your lifestyle, as well as regular customized treatments.

This customized approach will leave your skin looking and feeling its absolute best! 


Below you will find our acne program details and what's included.

Step 1

Acne Consult with Sensitivity Test


** Please note prescription acne meds antibiotics and creams must be discontinued for 2 weeks before starting program and Accutane (Isotretinoin) must be discontinued for 6 months prior.

Consult Includes:

~ Discussing your acne history

~ Analyzing your skin and perform sensitivity test to determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance

~ Recommendations for home regimen and treatments you will need to get clear

~ Discuss lifestyle adjustments that will improve your acne

~ Receive packet of information 

treatment time 60- 75 min    $75


Step 2

Products & Lifestyle Adjustments


Home care products are required for this program and are not included in the treatment cost.

Expect to pay $160+ on initial home care product set

 Lifestyle adjustments are discussed includes possible changes to food, cosmetics, daily habits, etc...

Lifestyle adjustments are designed to help treat and control your acne long term

Products   $160+

Step 3

Acne Treatments


Treatments are required every 2 weeks.​

The treatment goal is to exfoliate the skin, extract existing acne impactions and kill acne bacteria

Each treatment is geared specifically to what your skin needs at that time.

Treatments range from mild chemical peels to hydrating enzyme treatments.

** Please note if you are not on an acne program please book a Acne Program Consult.

treatment time 30 - 45 min    $60 - $95


Step 4

Maintenance Mode


Most cases can be cleared in 4 to 6 months**​

Once clear we work on maintaining this with spacing out treatments to monthly and eventually quarterly ( 3 months).

We will also begin scaling back on the number of products used. However you will remain on a regimen to keep you clear.

Remember acne can never be 100% cured but it can be controlled.

This will take time and patience for results.

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