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Brow Henna

Brow Henna with shaping ........................ $50

Natural alternative to brow tinting. Henna is intended to stain the skin and coat the hairs.

Realistic expectations

        - Only lasts on the skin for 2-14 days

        -  up to 6 weeks on the hair

Gentle and innovative formula helps to strengthen hair, promote growth and restore the natural shape and condition of the eyebrows.

 No ammonia, lead or peroxide, Vegan and cruelty free


• Avoid sun exposure on the area for 24 hours, this can cause premature fading

• Avoid oil-based make-up remover

• Avoid swimming/saunas for at least 24 hours after your treatment

• Do not rub the tinted area

What's included with the service

       - Individual brow mapping - every individual is different due to their facial features.

       - Henna Application

              - Henna typically need to process for a full 30 min. for full color however depending on the outcome we may shorten or
                    lengthen the process time.

       - Brow shaping with wax and/ or tweezing


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