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Benefits of Waxing/ Sugaring

Unlike shaving, waxing removes the entire hair follicle or root. If you wax consistently every two-four weeks, the hair can begin to take four-six weeks to grow back.


- The hair that returns will be much thinner and finer with smaller more shallow roots.

- Hair removal exfoliates the skin, softer outgrowth  with no more rough stubble

- reduce ingrown hairs

-  no more razor burn or cuts

-  takes 2-4 weeks to grow back, over time can become permanent.

**Before waxing or sugaring please notify our team if you are using any exfoliating creams (alpha hydroxy acids, Retin A, glycolic). Accutane, as well as other medications.  They can cause serious side effects such as scabbing. You Must Be 18years or older to have waxing done. Please bring a parent or guardian to sign for you if you are not 18.***

Waxing, Body Waxing
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