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Brow Lamination

The latest brow trend, brow lamination fluffs up and creates a whole new shape that's Instagram ready.

This service allows us to create symmetry for brows or correction for hairs that follow a unique or undesirable direction, or to give a voluminous full, fluffy or feathered finish.

Brow Lamination includes brow shaping -- starts at $75


Step 1 

Brow mapping the brows out for the finished look. 

Discuss any areas that may need correction due to hair growth pattern.


Step 2

Lamination process, where we reshape to create new shape and direction.

Typical results last roughly 6-8 weeks or longer with daily styling. This may vary per person due to hair growth cycles. This can be as long as 8-10 weeks.


Step 3

Tinting the eyebrow hairs if so desired. 


Step 4

Finishing off with the shaping with either tweezing or waxing.

Setting the brows with a precision brow gel/ aftercare


- Do Not use oil based or strong makeup removers for the first 48 hours after brow lift and tint. It may strip the tint and damage the direction of the brow lift.

- Avoid touching, stroking or playing with the brow hairs

- Avoid wetting the brow hairs within the first 48 hours, this includes avoiding steam from showers, saunas, dishwashers or even heat from ovens.

- Try not to sleep on your face or side for 48 hours after treatment. Don't want the brows rubbing on the pillow.

- Avoid using retinols, AHAs, Vitamin A, BHAs, steroid creams or skin thinning treatments after for at least 48 hours.

- Avoid exfoliation of the skin throughout the brow hairs or around the brow area for 48 hours

Do --

- Use a styling product and nourishing product is recommended and required to re-obtain the position of the hairs after a brow lamination.

- Once you wet the brow hairs (after the 48 hours) brush them gently back into place to keep shape.

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