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Recovering from winter dryness - Hair & Skin tips - Part 2

Is your feeling dry or dealing static issues with our dry and cold climate? Check out the tips below to help you with dealing in a dry and cold climate or even if you normally have dry and brittle hair these tips can also help you. :)

  1. Changing up your shampoo and/ or conditioner to a hydrating, don't worry we have light weight hydrating options available as well :) Some of our favorites Hydrate or Hydrate Sheer by Pureology. Redken's All Soft or Mega All Soft is great option as well. We can't forget our textured hair, we now carry Mizani Moisture Replenish has become a favorite for our clients.

  2. Adding a deep conditioner to your weekly regimen can change a lot for your hair as well. Pureology's Superfoods Hydrating, Strength Cure Conditioners or Color Fanatic Deep Moisturizing Mask Redken has multiple options for different hair needs- All Soft, Extreme, Blondage Color Masks Mizani - Moisture Fusion Intense Mask or Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Leave in Conditoner

  3. Spray Leave In Conditioner is another great option with added benefits, like shine, makes it easier to brush or comb through the hair and color protection, plus other great benefits. Pureology - Color Fanatic Spray Redken - One United Spray Mizani - Miracle Milk

  4. Don't wash your every day (cuz who has time for that these days). But your hair still needs to moisture adding in an oil or even a cream can be very helpful. Just apply a small amount to the mid section down to the ends of the hair, not on the root area. Especially if you like to go more than a few days to your next wash day. Redken - All Soft Argon Oil Pureology - Strength Cure Split End Salve Mizani - Miracle Nourishing Hair Oil or Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Leave In

  5. In salon treatments can be a big help as well. We offer a variety of hair repairing and conditioning services to assist your hair health. Ask us what would be best for you at your next appointment, or better yet don't wait and call or book online now to get your treatment done sooner than later. :)

  6. Last but not least and most important if you use Hot Tools, Turn down the temperature. The blow dryer, flat iron or curling ironing does not need to be on the hottest setting to work. (If it does then you might need a new one). If you are using hot tools you should also always use a heat protector even with your blow dryer. We have a few options for both types of tools Blow Dryers - Redken's - Big Blow Out Gel or Quick Blowout Spray & One United Pureology's - Color Fanatic Spray Mizani - Style Shifter Society Heat Screen or Miracle Milk Spray or Thermal Smoothing Line for Curly hair Irons - Redken's Thermal Sprays 11 (Iron Shape) & Thermal Spray 22 (Hot Sets) give protection and hold.

As always if you need assistance figuring out the right things for your hair type and texture we are always happy to help. Hope this tips help you get your hair health back from the winter damage.

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