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The Cut & Hair Treatments

Transform Your Look, Elevate Your Confidence: Indulge in a haircut experience that goes beyond mere scissors, as our passionate stylists weave their artistic vision into every strand. Our rejuvenating hair treatments are the secret ingredient for lustrous locks that captivate."

The Cut

Unlock Your Signature Style: Let our salon be your creative playground, where haircuts are personalized expressions of your unique style.
Our talented stylists collaborate with you, infusing their expertise and innovative techniques to design a haircut that reflects your personality, setting you apart.

Starting at $21+ (additional for styling, shampoos & hair treatments.)

Children's Cuts

Crafting Confidence and Cuteness: At our salon, children's haircuts are all about boosting confidence and celebrating cuteness.
Our skilled stylists will work their magic, crafting adorable hairstyles that enhance your child's natural charm and make them feel proud of their unique look. From trendy trims to playful styles, we create haircuts that are as cute as your child.

Starting at $17+ (12 yrs and younger)

Hair Treatments

Nourish Your Hair, Unleash its Potential: Discover the transformative power of our salon's nourishing hair treatments.

Our experienced stylists will analyze your hair's unique needs and create a personalized treatment plan to address issues such as dryness, frizz, or lack of shine. Immerse your locks in our luxurious formulas and let your hair flourish with renewed strength, vitality, and luminosity.

Starting at $20+ (additional for styling)

The Styling

Unlock Your Signature Look: Let our salon be your style sanctuary, where hair styling becomes a personalized expression of your individuality.
Our creative stylists will collaborate with you, combining their expertise and innovative techniques to design a hairstyle that reflects your personality and sets you apart

Starting at $21+ (with Cut starts at $34+)

Beard Care

Reveal Your Best Beard:
Our salon's beard trimming and shaping services are tailored to help you achieve the perfect balance between ruggedness and sophistication.
Our experienced stylists will work with you to understand your desired style, ensuring that your beard is trimmed, shaped, and groomed to perfection, leaving you with a look that commands respect.

Starting at $7+ Beard Trim

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