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Recovering from winter dryness - Hair & Skin tips - Part 1

Winter is still here but warmer weather is around the corner!

Have you had dry irritated skin this winter or is your hair looking dull or feeling dry and static issues?

Here are some tips to help alleviate dryness.

Let's start with Skin tips:

  1. Switching your cleanser to a hydrating cleanser. Our favorites are Amandola Milk Cleanser or Vitamin Veil Cleanser. PS these are great for anti-ageing too :)

  2. Turn down the temperature of your water for showers and when you wash your face. No fun I know but the hotter the water the more it can dry your skin out.

  3. Are your legs itchy? - Doing a full body exfoliation with an actual brush, scrub or my favorite chemical exfoliation scrub. Our favorites here are Circadia's Blue Bamboo Exfoliator Wash for a great scrub or if your like me and prefer a bit of a chemical exfoliation try our Mandelic Face & Body Wash or Scrub works great.

  4. Don't forget to moisturizer after you scrub in the shower. Help add and keep in moisture for your skin with our Tidal Moisture for Body from Circadia.

  5. Adding a hydrating product to your regimen. We have options for every skin type, from sprays to serums and oils.

  6. If your someone who already uses active ingredient products (AHA/BHAs or Retinol/ Vitamin A), if you are really struggling with dryness I suggest backing off on them. Depending on what you are using I highly suggest doing three or four day cycling of your products for best results. Example 1: This is great for dry skin or for someone new to using active ingredients; Day 1- Active ingredient or Exfoliating Day 2 & 3 - Recovery - Barrier repairing & healing products, Adding the next step to this regimen for one night would also help assist the dryness and barrier repairing products.

  7. Adding in an Occlusive products in your regimen. This is will help keep your skin from losing moisture and protect it so it can heal. Our Post Peel Balm or Healing Cream are great for this. In a pinch you can also use Aquaphor (If you are acne prone, suggested to avoid Aquaphor and never use Vaseline these are to heavy for acne prone skin). AM use: Add a small amount on top of your moisturizer PM use: Add a good amount and sleep in it. :) I personally start with a pea size and then add more if needed.

  8. If you don't already use a humidifier while you sleep.

  9. One of the hardest things for most people is to drink enough water. It's suggested to drink half your body weight in ounces. Some fun ways to make water easier to drink try adding lemon or lime to it, even some actual fruit like raspberries is pretty tasty.

  10. And last but surely not least making sure to get your monthly facial treatments. We can gear your facial treatment to what your skin is needing at that time.

Try these tips outs to help fight our dry and cold climate. Remember there is not a overnight fix to dry or dehydrated skin, so be patient with your body. :)

Check out part 2 for some dry hair tips.

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